How to Create Profitable iPhone Apps & Games With No Programming skills

One of my friends wanted to create a game for the iPhone. A great idea. Believe me.

Getting a developer account with Apple was pretty easy, so he went ahead and opened it and started the development.

Since he had no one to help and guide him – I guess he spent 3 times longer [...]

Mortgages explained

When it comes to mortgages, it looks like no one gets the same deal. Usually, in the early years, one will want lower repayments, the certainty of a fixed rate or a greater level of flexibility. This how-to explains some of the key elements to consider:

Basic ways to pay off your mortgage loan

Despite [...]

How to insert an unstoppable popup in your web page?

How does an unstoppable popup work?

An unstoppable popup is in fact a <div> </ div> tag containing HTML code that, when interpreted by the web browser, looks like a window that floats over the normal web page. Please see this example

If you look at the source code of the above mentioned page [...]

How to Get Your Dream Tattoo

Free tattoo design examples

A tattoo is a design in ink or some other pigment, usually decorative or symbolic, indelible, under the skin. It is a type of body modification. The technique of watermarking is to introduce into the skin coloring (pigment): color shows by “transparency” after healing of the wound caused by the [...]

How to build your own solar water heater

A solar water heater is a device for capturing solar energy for providing hot water for various uses: health, extra heating, pool, etc..

This type of heating can usually complete your water heating needs if you are using other energy sources (electricity, heating oil or gas), and under certain conditions, it can replace them completely.